Katya Gingell winning on Frankie

Katya Gingell winning on Frankie

Bespoke began at home and has grown into the digital success of today, but the heart of the company is in family and horses.

Frank is just one of our three 17-year-olds equines who have come out of lockdown and started collecting red frillies. Our horses are a credit to our formulators, they are all impeccably behaved, looking great and moving younger than their years.

We are so proud and humbled by the huge response to bespoke that has been loved by so many riders and horses since 2012, winning awards has just been part of the journey, not our focus  It all began with Alex's knowledge and expertise of horses coupled with his wife and children's love of horses. Bespoke supports chronic conditions using the powerful combinations from what nature offers us in herbs and minerals that have been used for centuries to support health and wellbeing.

We can not guarantee a winning horse or pony, but what we do guarantee is our dedicated time, expertise, and attention to your horse or dog to get the best from bespoke. Our team has longevity and knowledge which is supported by our innovative technical team who make the hard slow detailed work happen at speed, to give us the time to dedicate to you.

Get involved with this bespoke journey by completing the Interactive form, we will get to work for FREE, and there is no obligation to buy. As soon as we have worked our magic for you a text will alert you to navigate to your bespoke daily powders page, this is all about you and products for your animal, Hope to see you on the digital journey soon, Simply join and get involved. Your horse or dog will thank you!


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