Lexi loving life

Lexi loving life

Bespoke helps us keep Lexi moving freely and happily in her veteran years.

Lexi is the most amazing horse. She is 23 years young. She has hunted, competed, driven, and now enjoys life hacking and being a nanny to our other horse Evie. We have always looked after her in the best way possible.

She has fluid on her hocks which we and our vets agreed that draining was not the right way for us all. We decided regular exercise, physio, feed and supplement were the way forward.

Following a recommendation, we made contact with the fantastic team at Hack Up Bespoke who provided us with a bespoke powder which has proved to be the best decision. 

Lexi not only looks amazing, but also feels amazing, and is loving life. If we need to tweak it, Alex and Jayne are my first point of call for their expertise and valuable advice. I know that I am Lexie’s physio as much as she is mine, we are growing old together! I really cannot recommend The Bespoke Team enough.

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