Louise Pollock gives her Hack Up Bespoke feedback.
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Louise Pollock gives her Hack Up Bespoke feedback.

The powerful effects of the bespoke formula ticks all the boxes for Poppy.

"Hack Up Bespoke has been a god send for my horse. Poppy was a challenging mare, very hormonal, quite stiff when we started her on her formula from hackup bespoke.. her movement is now free and she is not a moody as she was. She has now been on it for some time and she has remained consistent in her moods.
We invested in some liquid air this year as she suffersin times of high pollen and the difference was incredible !! This is the first year she hasn’t had any side effects when everything bloomed... and it was a high pollen year. It meant she was steady to the contact throughout the year - amazing!!
Last year we moved to ‘buy & book’ and what a great service, text messages come to ask if you need you next delivery or are wanting to extend, taking the pressure off me to remember to get her supplement, meaning she never goes without it. In a fast paced world it’s nice to know someone is still looking out for our best interests! Great advice on the new products and if you are not sure they are happy to talk things through with you. Quick service and delivery!!"
Louise Pollock

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