May thriving on bespoke and liquid calm combination

May thriving on bespoke and liquid calm combination

Zoe is now enjoying long hacks with friends thanks to her newly refined bespoke and liquid calm combination.

I’ve had May for 6 years, she’s always been a very sensitive warmblood and explodes at the slightest things. She’s been on Hack up bespoke mix calm digest for a few years and had a couple of tweeks. This has kept her crazy moments slightly more manageable but still too reactive for my liking …… anyway March last year she didn’t seem right, the vet got involved, scoped, and found she had glandular ulcers grade 2-4 and right hind dorsal colitis. No wonder my poor girl was so on edge all the time. After an 8-week course of medications, she was much better but not clear of ulcers and still reactive. Anyway roll on a year and a chat with Nick at Hack up 4 weeks ago, some interesting adjustments to her bespoke and 30ml of liquid calm before riding and I Now have the sweetest, calmest mare. We have even been on some long hacks with friends that we haven’t been able to do before. No spooking, no stupidly massive overreactions, just a calm, forward, happy horse. Thanks, Hack up

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