Meet Montraux before and after bespoke
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Meet Montraux before and after bespoke

B&B's are loved by Montraux's owner to suppoprt his anxiety and spookiness.

Meet Montraux look how he was before bespoke and then after, here is a bit of our story.  

We originally came to you for help with Montraux’s anxiety and spookiness, we were also struggling to keep weight on (as you can see from the first picture he was very light). Within about 3 weeks of taking the supplement you could really see a big change in his everyday personality being a lot less tense. This made training, hacking and going to competitions a lot less stressful. We also used the calming liquid a few times on competition days but after a few months of being on the supplements we noticed we didn’t need it anymore. His big test was the BRC Dressage To Music Championship in September 2019, he travelled 4 hours there, stayed overnight and competed the following morning, all on his regular daily supplement, we didn’t have to use the calming liquid once.

Just out of interest and to check that the supplements were making a difference, I stopped everything for a week in this summer. BIG mistake!! within a week the anxious fire breathing dragon had returned, a crisp packet rustling 10 miles away was going to kill him. Safe to say we won’t be trying that again.

On a discussion with the formulators we decided to add in the joint supplement as he is so big, and even though we had no specific issue I have definitely noticed he’s much happier and willing in his work when fed his bespoke joint supplement that includes the vegan glucosamine.

The current combination of supplements we are now on really helps keep Montraux comfortable and focused, allowing us to more forward with is training.

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