New bespoke, lets track the story
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New bespoke, lets track the story

Fiona Leslie reached out to us to help her beautiful 4 year old. We will table her journey of bespokes to see what we have to do to support her comfort as she grows up.

"Hi, this is my very sweet & sensitive wee soul Katie ? she is just 4 years old and has been struggling a wee bit with her hormones. She has just started her ridden career and finding it all a bit uncomfortable.? Looking forward to see if her bespoke supplement can make her a little happier whilst in season. Its hard being a lady ?."
Fiona Leslie

Thank you Fiona for sharing such a wonderful photo and fabulous start to your bespoke journey. Keeping Katie's file growing to build a true understanding is now just beginning. Your personal assessment is the start of it. We now need to work with you either by phone, or you using your bespoke chat to talk to our formulators so we can record every conversation and response you are seeing. We refine the product as we go and offer 50% extra FREE on each product change until we find what is working the most effectively. We also aim to become part of your support system. If we feel that you are needing clinical support, farrier, saddle fit and trainer guidance we are with you all the way. Our formulators are also great riders from families that are steeped in history, so we can offer far more support than you possibly would expect.

Innovation not imitation is one of our key successes.

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