Nibs has many bespokes over 8 years

Nibs has many bespokes over 8 years

We love working with owners and horses over the years, Nibs is now feeling powerful again

Nibs first came to us after passing his 5* vetting, but very soon afterward he needed support for chronic joint support. His owner is a dedicated dressage rider and started to take him up through the leaves, working bespoke into her support team of physio, farrier, and vets.  Over the years his bespoke was altered to reflect his changes and his work progressed all the way through the levels up to the highest of Inter 1.

Recently Nibs started to lose his energy during his tests. We revised his joint support and enhanced it with sugar-free superfoods Omega 6 and more antioxidants We support his rider with our expertise and knowledge of how to feed the ingredient for the best results. Within 4 days Nibs had his power returning and now we are working together to find the ultimate maintenance levels.

With 8 years of work with Nibs and thousands like him, our experts are a wealth of documented knowledge at their fingertips. With the same team members for over 8 years, these lessons just keep growing.

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