Only one supplement needed for Paris thanks to bespoke

Only one supplement needed for Paris thanks to bespoke

Paris is seeing the benefit of one bespoke over using multiple products!

I started using hack up in April and saw result immediately. There is a review/story on website from me already “recommended by trainer”. My instructor Nat Passmore recommended the liquid calm for Paris as she was very unhappy with travelling and competitions… so now I swear by that, and the results are amazing. Her behaviour at the shows is incredible thanks to liquid calm!!

When I phoned for advice on amount to feed etc I was put through to get the refined powder and I’ve never ditched my old supplements quicker! Paris used to have a lot of supplements (joint, digestion/gut health, calming, allergy and respiratory products) the works. Since using hack up she’s just having that and her linseed, but we are slowly dropping the linseed out so will soon just be her bespoke powder. First weekend of full competition with my girl since starting her in hack up bespoke products. Wow what can I say, for a 16yr old mare she is flying!

Not only has the result on Paris been amazing but the customer service and support of the whole team at hack are amazing! Just before jubilee I had a parcel going missing and the team without question shipped me a new order! I was so relieved. So glad I was recommended to try the products because I don’t think my horse has ever look and felt so great!

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