PSG Reserve Silver Champion

PSG Reserve Silver Champion

Emma Jablonski chose Hack Up Bespoke years before all the successes started to roll in. Their mother-daughter dedication to detail is now paying back.

I first started working with the team at Hack Up Bespoke in 2019, I now have all my horses with their own bespoke for joints, hooves, digestion, skin and well-being. I called Hack Up Bespoke last week to chase up on a delivery.  The company is so keen to understand all their customers that they asked me what I was doing for the day ahead, it was when I was competing at a  Premier League in PSG and Inter 1 they were delighted and excited for me, it was a great phone call. As keen horsemen and women themselves, they fully appreciated the blood, sweat, and tears that often go hand in hand with strong results.  What I loved was that this company value every customer, not just those who are on a good run and flying high.  They treat every customer and horse as an individual and I was bowled over when they wanted to include me in their campaigns, it was just not expected. While Jayne and I chatted about dressage my support crew 'aka MUM' was getting wet through and cold holding my horse on the car park. Between the two of us we run my small yard, and work hard, paying attention to every detail of the overall management of the horses and trying to just be a little better each day. I am lucky to have her support and we work well as a team, she can really only be described as my rock. What I have learned over the years is the real value of having dedicated expert help in all key areas of horse management and Hack Up Bespoke are an essential element of this.

I can not recommend the expertise and knowledge highly enough and now anyone I introduce to Hack Up Bespoke Ltd gets 50% extra FREE and a little bonus back to me, for me to give back to my horses. What a great way to work and spread the word. Use my own code EMMA please.


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