instant liquid calm

Sam seeing the chilled beast with Instant Liquid Calm

Sam has seen the benefit of keeping the serotonin balanced and Reg keep his competition composure.

Hope I am doing this correctly !!! I use the liquid calmer as a top-up solution to my Hack up bespoke calmer on my horse Reggie racing snake. I use it a day before competition at one full measure (he only gets fed once a day) and then another full measure about 1/2 an hour before we are due to leave. I also have given him a full measure 1/2 an hour before a vet visit which helped him focus and not get so worried.  It worked as he didn’t bite the vet this time! I cannot thank all of the team enough and it has definitely helped Reg. The bottom right-hand picture is when I first had him a year ago and the difference is amazing! The top picture is of him last week x I would recommend the liquid calmer as a good top-up x

  • Hack up bespoke team

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