Selected from single ingredients.

Selected from single ingredients.

Decokta has a formula that has been created just for his needs.

Charlotte enquired about her dressage horse as she needed to get a better connection and more thoroughness to improve her work.  As a dressage judge Alex knew exactly what she was going to need to achieve.
The horse has to be trained and ridden correctly to compete well in dressage. There are so many ways that a judge can knock marks off scores.  Most of these, outside of ringcraft skills are in the paces and the transisitons.
Your horse has to work correctly and imbalance in every level. To gain this level of correctness your horse needs to be comfortable from poll to tail.
Discomfort is often linked to the evasion to work in ways that will reduce the marks of your test. We were totally delighted to get these photographs of Decokta telling his owner, judge and us that we got his bespoke just right for him.
"Just to let you know we won our S novice class today thank you for your bespoke supplement really help my boy work more powerfully through "
p.s As he changes and his work has extra demands, the bespoke can change too - we just keep working with you to help support you get as far as you can get.

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