Stephen Davis DipWCF is Hack Up Bespoke farrier

Stephen Davis DipWCF is Hack Up Bespoke farrier

Our own farrier has seen results for himself on three of our own laminitics and now spreads the word of detox to all his customers.

"I have been the farrier for Hack Up Bespoke horses for over five years. I knew of their bespoke supplements before I started but I had no idea the extent of the results that I would see." says Stephen Davis DipWCF

"I refer many clients for joints and calmness but the support on the laminitis astounded me. Jayne’s top horse developed laminitis following the use of steroids. Junior was in so much pain and he worried me hugely. We videoed his time on recovery and used Imprints plastic shoes to support the foot as agreed with Rossdales. The detox was given to him three times a day and within a week I was as amazed as well as delighted that he was feeling well again. Both Katya’s ponies are also laminitic and again the 7-day turnaround was seen.  I now, without hesitation, recommend that any laminitics are rushed a bespoke detox and the same-day hand-made and next-day delivery is keeping so many horses and ponies happier and more comfortable."

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