Tell us about your horse 50% extra FREE

Tell us about your horse 50% extra FREE

Interactive journey makes it so simple for you to work with our experts who can create and handmake your horse's bespoke supplement they day you enquire and delivers the next.

The only supplement company that has the ability to hand-select every ingredient to the exact quantities that our experts selects to support your own horse's individual situation.  Almost 10 years of digital experience is supported by 30 years supplement knowledge supported by the feedback from over 65,000 horses records

Your horse's details include the basics but also takes into account information about diet, grazing, lifestyle and workload. This allows us to understand your ambitions, your horse's capabilities and allows us to work with you as part of your team to support your horse out competing, woking in the school, going out hacking, being a companion, retired horse,  brood mare and more. Many of our riders and owners get their own input into their horse's nutrition working LIVE with our team, whereas others prefer to trust and rely on our expertise and experience. Whichever way works best for you, the entire journey for horses and humans is bespoke.


You are given 50% extra FREE so that the you can work out with the support of our experts what is the best feeding rate for the optimum results in the first 5-6 weeks of using your bespoke supplement.  Powerful ingredients from Superfood Spirulina, Powerful Pre and Pro, Tumeric, Bosweillia and many more are within the vast range of 74 herbs and minerals.


  • Hack up bespoke team

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