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The Gingell legacy lives on....

The celebration issue of H&H drew the attention of Hack Up Bespoke customers that there was another very special member of the family of the Gingell family just 67 pages away from our advert. We were so proud to see Betty Gingell feature on two pages as the only female who had prestigiously hit the hunting section of the anniversary pages. Alex Gingell’s grandmother left our world 30 years ago, yet graced the front cover of H&H on at least 30 occasions in the height of her career, but to make it to an issue almost 50 years later was a heart-warming and proud feeling.

Hack Up Bespoke has always attributed so much of it wonderful customer results to the heritage and horsemanship that has been being an instinctive backbone to its very existence. Against the odds and working proactively with all legislators to re write the rule book to enable handmade bespoke supplements created individually for every horse and dog was allowed.  Til this issue it was difficult to explain this any further, but the childhood lessons on feeding for good condition and calm horse for the show ring, hunting and performance with the family point to point put Alex Gingell into a league of his own. In those days feeding routines changed depending on what each horse was doing; it was not as it is today. In this supplement company Betty’s legacy is living on, yet developed to support the modern-day life of horses and dogs.. Betty was a Marriage before marrying Hugh Gingell, both were farming families, but Hugh was the leader of innovation in all fields but most marketed by being the first to import a combine harvester to replace horsepower. He always saw the innovator in his grandson Alex.  This week we have created a new identity influenced by the feelings and selections of our social media friends and now the new Hack Up Bespoke Heritage logo which will now appear online as well as in our packaging as of next week.  We have reflected the tradition of the sector and softened it with the flowers of the natural herbs and to reflect her feminism.

Thank you H&H for showing us this link to the public and giving us a reason to celebrate this extraordinary link.


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