The Geek skin and condition is now amazing! (Pics 3 weeks apart)

The Geek skin and condition is now amazing! (Pics 3 weeks apart)

Owner of Fordham House Livery was struggling with skin and condition with her horse, she searched out clinical solutions, but without any improvement, reached to Hack Up Bespoke.

"One of my livery customers has had amazing results with Hack Up Bespoke and when the clinical solutions failed to work for my horse, I had no hesitation but to contact them in March this year.   I was told to expect some positive results within the week but was amazed to see his sores start to calm within three days!" says Cher East.

"The results on my horses skin was amazing, so when I came to re-order I contacted them again and asked them to not only continue to give me great results on skin, but asked if they could help me gain condition. I train and compete every week and keeping condition with all the traveling and stress of eventing was making me struggle with his weight. These photographs are illustrating him  just two and a half weeks after starting the refine in April this year.  I have never seen him look like this before and I have had him since he was three, infact the photos do not make it look as impressive as it is in reality!  I know people will be skeptical but I am just excited to share my story to help other owners if they are struggling, we all love our horses so much, making them as happy as we can means we feel better in ourselves too."

I can not recommend this company highly enough for the quality of products, customers service and bespoke formulations.

* The images are genuine and verified as accurate and have not been altered digitally in anyway.


  • Hack up bespoke team

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