Winning Inter 1

Winning Inter 1

Ruth Hole aged just 22 won her BD Inter 1 class at Keysoe International High Profile show on the 4th December riding Baptista, a 9-year-old who is supported on bespoke for joints.

This is an incredible journey of a Medium level 8-year-old less than one year ago being given to Ruth Hole and now winning Inter 1.

Baptista was bought in lockdown by Sarah Field for herself to ride, but their joint trainer Jill Day saw an opportunity and suggested Ruth take the ride. Now this has become such an exciting combination. They have settled into a fabulous new dressage training facility based near Newmarket.

Our supplements are supporting Baptista for her joints: "As everything in life, nothing is ever perfect" says her owner Sarah Field. Ruth said the movement is huge in her trot now and she just keeps getting bigger and stronger. Jill Day and Ruth Hole have been working incredibly hard with her.  Sarah had reached out to our experts based on her experience of our results on various horses since 2015. It was quite ironic to see that Ruth at that time would just have been a 12 year old girl.

"Ruth is one of the most talented young riders that we have in the UK, in my opinion, and having her ride and train mine and other horses seemed like a dream come true for both of us."  The blend of different generations offers us the best combination.

Dark Magic, on the advert, is out for her first season at Advanced Medium and her debut at the High Profile showed lots of raw talent. She is owned by Tricia Baker, a friend of Sarah, who has worked with the experts at Bespoke since 2012. Today, we support her 16 year old Inter 1 horse who we have supported since he was 8. Ruth now has some of Tricias' young horses based with her and they are also maintained on bespoke.

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