Instant Liquid Caalm equine calmer dog calmer
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Hack up bespoke team

Psycho Sally, hindlegs to precious princess

In 1 hour the change was amazing, this was the first time I tried Instant Liquid Caalm and so pleased I got photos to show everyone! Unbelieveable!

Here is the classic moment when we were thrilled to have captured on camera Lia, we nickname 'Psycho Sally' at 1pm in the day on her hindlegs refusing to go forwards. I then gave her a shot of calmer at about 2pm, not expecting much as I had never used Instant Liquid Caalm before, but at least hoped all four feet would be on the ground. I waited for about an hour and then decided I should tack and try. We got a picture of her in the arena, she did have a mini moment but the worked like a dream, which I have never ever had from her before. I have now definitely found my winter saving grace! Looking forwards to spring now, we may have a kinder nickname for her too!  Maria McKenna

  • Hack up bespoke team

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