Top PC intructor cannot contain herself about Liquid Caalm effects

Top PC intructor cannot contain herself about Liquid Caalm effects

As a customer herself for many years, Amanda recommends her clients to use Hack Up Bespoke

"Hi Alex, I recommended a client of mine Sarah Jones and her black cob mare Rosie to you before Christmas and gave her a lesson today. Rosie has not been the easiest and very worried and anxious on windy days, unfortunately all my lessons so far have been on very windy days and although the mare and owner were progressing with their groundwork training, the mare was still very anxious and tense, thus I thought that she needed some extra help and recommended your products, particularly the instant calmer.
I went along today to give a lesson on the most beautiful sunny & frosty morning and no wind. The mare was an absolutely angel and we even managed a walk down the road and back. Her groundwork was just lovely, calm and soft to handle and therefore gave her owner so much more confidence. Managed trot, walk, halt transitions just with body language, no pulls on the rope, circling games, backing up, etc. The mare when I first met her, would have normally have exploded to the slightest of pressures, run through you, paddle her feet at you, be off like a steam train which did not help with a nervous owner. Absolutely **** thrilled with today's calm, happy, relaxed horse. Will keep you up dated when I next teach them both on a windy day, but at the moment will enjoy the moment of a lovely mornings teaching."
Amanda Braham

  • Hack up bespoke team

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