Instant Liquid Caalm

Total skeptic, totally amazed!

The FREE tester product showed me how powerful sugar-free Instant Liquid Caalm is!

Thank you for my sample of Instant Caalm. I must confess I was sceptical as to how effective it was going to be on my highly strung, very opinionated Spanish Mare.

She normally has to be sedated for clipping (and if given orally can’t have standard sedative, as she gets angry at having it rammed down her throat, resulting in an adrenaline surge which prevents it from working), so I really don’t look forward to it.

So I thought, what the hell, worst case scenario I’ll have to follow up with drugs, and fed her a small snack with her daily dose of her bespoke calmer and 50ml of Instant Caalm.

I went off for about 20 mins to get all the clipping gear together and came back to the stable to find her ultra relaxed!! Turns out if you avoid the adrenaline rush she’s really receptive to a calmer!!

She was a saint to clip and even let me do her chin which is normally an excuse for a total meltdown!

So, thank you Hack Up - clipping has become MUCH less stressful!! And the little diva has to find some new activities to object to!

Inske Mari-Ann Allso

  • Hack up bespoke team

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