Linda tells why the Buy & Book (subscription) facility.

Linda tells why the Buy & Book (subscription) facility.

Having been a customer for 2 years, Linda has the confidence to Kick On with the subscription facility.

“I started using Hackup supplements over two years ago after years of using different individual supplements to deal with different individual issues. Why use many when you can you one mixed to cover all?
Initially I took advantage of the option to tweak the formulation with the helpful team at Hackup to get it exactly right for us and February this year we hit pay day with an AI/ joint/digest/comp combination which addresses all our needs.
Happy days.
Having placed my 7th order for the exact same formulation since then I was contacted by Alex to have a chat and confirm that I intend to carry on with this long term. As I don't believe in breaking something that is clearly working the answer was a resounding yes.
He went on to explain their Buy and Book system aimed at reducing significantly the daily cost for long term use and offering this as an option for me. After I'd had a fit at how much I'd already spent (you don't do that math when you're buying a bit here and a bit there) and I realised how much I would save with Buy and Book, it was a no-brainer, especially when Alex explained how flexible this can be.
For me this is the perfect solution, saving me annually a considerable amount of money. Thank you so much Alex for all your help - both on behalf of my horse and my wallet ”
Linda Gurnell


  • Hack up bespoke team

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