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Tim and Alicia Page proud to support Hack Up Bespoke and Hack Up Bespoke extremely proud to support them!!

I first saw the Tim's incredible talent back in 2012 at the Forest Edge Pre-Olympia show when he virtually won everything on lots of different horses. This was when Hack Up Bespoke had no website and was simply being tested as a concept.

Tim loved a variety of Bespoke supplements as well as the instant liquid calmers and was keen to be the very first competitor to put his name to it and promote us where ever he went. Tim and his then girlfriend Alicia lived just up the road from Hack Up Bespoke HQ and often popped in to pick up their wish list, clearly very much in love <3.

We were thrilled when they invited us to their fabulous wedding which was simply incredible, a lovely memory for everyone. Fabulous sunshine, horses, doves, amazing food and surroundings, dancing and partying into the night with horsey folk - AMAYZING!

Now Tim and Alicia are still inseparable and compete together at sunshine tours on the continent and at top competitions across the UK. We often see their horse boxes on the road and you can bet your bottom dollar that they've won a few classes, where ever they've just been.

Two years ago Tim helped me with Hack Up Fred and competed for us at the Jays very successfully too. He makes jumping huge parallels seem effortless and sees a stride as clearly anyone in the business. He has a fluent ability that's very rare and I have no doubt that both he and Alicia will soar in the ranks in years to come.


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