Vegan Glucosamine HCL

We have selected Glucosamine HCL as the most suitable for your bespoke to ensure that they gain optimum levels of this naturally occurring ingredient that positively supports and encourages good joint health.

Glucosamine is an amino sugar produced naturally in the body most glucosamine that is in the shop-sold pre-packed products use animal-based ingredients, however, we select the more expensive option created from growing fungi making it far more appropriate for equine consumption.

Glucosamine in the body is used to make a cushion the surrounds the joints. When this cushion becomes thin and stiff added Glucosamine can help supply the material needed to rebuild the cushion.

Studies show increased comfort with added Glucosamine. Increased levels can stimulate cells to potentially rebuild joint tissues.

Glucosamine in powdered form is the most bioavailable and active form. Glucosamine is known to have an impact on cartliage metabolites, enzymes known to break down cartilage.

Titles    Values
Batch Number    G-2105006
Crude Ash     0.2%
  • Hack up bespoke team

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