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Our dedicated accredited factory hand makes your animal's supplement to international quality standards and despatches it on the day you order. Each fresh raw ingredient is mixed in to your bespoke formulation and wrapped in biodegradable paper packaging. For centuries we have relied upon the crushed herbs and minerals of chamomile, milk thistle, turmeric, glucosamine, peppermint for health and wellbeing and these are just a few of the twenty six we have in production at our finger tips.

Your digital journey is what makes bespoke possible. Working to the strict guidelines of all authorities with a product that is unique to every animal has taken much dedication and work from all parties to bring to you the wonders of nature packaged up - just for you. Every label on every product drives production and calculates all the legalities in the cloud with full traceability of every ingredient included in your bespoke. All your details are kept and your horse / dog file grows with us as you give us feedback on each formulation. You are provided a ‘bespoke chat’ service that is only available as you log in to your account, making it secure and traceable.

We do not permit any ingredient that is on the competition restricted or banned list to enter our Internationally accredited hand-making factory. So you can be assured that every product is 100% Internationally competition legal. We compete at FEI level and Alex is a trained FEI judge so the added responsibility of a competitor and judge enhances our understanding of compeition safe supplements to the highest level in the equine industry.

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