Hand Sanitiser 5 litre NO pump

Hand Sanitiser 5 litre NO pump


The perfectly practical office, shop, factory, ard or large family sized product of Hand Sanitiser. The product has been manufactured to the World Health Organisation specification and is VAT free, as it is classed as a medicinal product rather than a luxury item and supplied to the NHS. Our sanitiser is technically advanced due to unique production methods at our partnered FEMAS approved manufacturing plant in the UK. Our 75% alcohol hand sanitiser refills are blended with aloe vera to be soft on your skin yet powerful against viruses.

As a flammable item, there is a maximum of 3 pouches each of 500mls limit per person.  Many people are sharing the carriage costs and putting them in one box.  Simply add the product to your cart and then add more in on the counter button.

The ingredients in our soothing and gentle hand sanitiser is: IPA-75%,Propylene, Glysol Carborner, Tritchanolamine


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