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The innovation of feeding for the individual began generations ago in the Gingell family. We are all very proud of Betty Gingell as she was so ahead of her time. She not only became the second lady to be the patron of an association called the HIS, second that to the Queen, but she also graced the front cover of H&H on more occasions than race rider Lester Piggott. Betty was a renowned show judge, hunt Master of the Cambridge Harriers for 52 years and owner of Cottenham Point to Point. She began life as a Marriage, a family still in horse feed manufacturing today. Hugh Gingell, her husband was a true innovator, he gained his degree in Land Economy at Cambridge University and became the first land owner to begin harvesting by combine.

Alex Gingell, their grandson, is the creator of Bespoke. Twenty Five years ago he began offering todays bespoke digital service to professional riders he knew by supplying raw ingredients to their yard and telling them how to mix the ratios for each horse. There was no need to add preservatives or caking agents to supplements that were fresh - and today that is still the same. Now however we package small quantities of fresh ingredients into 1kg paper, biodegradable pouches and store them in stylish tinplate pails. We work to International manufacturing standards to ensure that we have all the securities for competitors that high street supplement brands offer. We innovate within the industry legislation and have been working with the industry regulators before bespoke even built the first website, to ensure that all standard legislations would work with a company who did things differently and made a bespoke product for each animal. We have pushed the boundaries and beyond in tandem with regulators to whom we are very grateful.

Today we continue to provide the same individual service and get to know each individual horse so we can create the best supplement for each horse.

Dogs have become a new space for bespoke. Over two years ago our senior formulator, a huge dog and horse lover began her training on canine nutrition and has worked with over 2000 dog owers and professionals to create impressive results and statiscs for the dog industry. Our campaign with Dogs Today is soon to begin so the bespoke world will reach to a national audience.

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