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Liquid Products to help you stay safe and your animals stay sensible

The Liquid and Powdered Combo are designed to compliment each other perfectly. Our plethora of powdered bespoke supplements are from hand selected herbs and minerals that boost the performance when topped up by the liquids.

Instant Liquid Caalm

Instant Liquid Caalm is FREE from sugar, magnesium and soya, every drop is more

Liquid Air

Liquid Air is our powerful liquid that helps horses struggling with respiratory more

Liquid Copper

The levels of copper found in many pastures, hay and common feedstuffs is often more

Liquid Electrolytes

This versatile, sugar free liquid electrolyte for horses can be added to water, more

Liquid Vit and Min

This palatable liquid contains a broad spectrum of necessary vitamins and more

Liver / Kidney Flush

The pure, natural ingredients in this wonderful liver and kidney flush include more

Pure Linseed Oil

Linseed Oil Alex often recommends this cold pressed pure linseed oil for horses more
Hack up bespoke team
  • Hack up bespoke team

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