Liquid Calm

Liquid Products to complement your Bespoke Supplement

Our bespoke liquid fusions give fabulous results as stand-alone supplements but are also created to compliment our plethora of powdered bespokes supplements to give the best ever results. Click the image to find out more about what we have packed into and each of our products that have been created in the strictest manufacturing environment and are safe to use for competition at every level, in all disciplines.

Instant Liquid Caalm

Instant Liquid Caalm is FREE from sugar, magnesium and soya, every dro...Read more

£ 34.99 / Liquid Caalm 500ml

£ 59.99 / Liquid Caalm 1ltr

Liquid Air

Liquid Air is our powerful liquid that helps horses struggling with re...Read more

£ 24.99 / Air 500ml

£ 39.99 / Air 1L

Liquid B+

This highly palatable B vitamin and iron rich liquid is the ultimate p...Read more

£ 17.99 / B+ (Boost) 946ml

£ 44.99 / B+ (Boost) 3.8L

Liquid Copper

The levels of copper found in many pastures, hay and common feedstuffs...Read more

£ 24.99 / 946ml

£ 44.99 / 2x 946ml

Liquid Electrolytes

This versatile, sugar free liquid electrolyte for horses can be added ...Read more

£ 10.99 / 946ml

£ 25.99 / 3.8L

Liquid Vit and Min

This palatable liquid contains a broad spectrum of necessary vitamins ...Read more

£ 34.99 / 3.8l

Liver / Kidney Flush

Healthy functioning liver and kidneys are vital to overall health....Read more

£ 34.99 / 1L

Pure Linseed Oil

Linseed Oil Alex often recommends this cold pressed pure linseed oil ...Read more

£ 99.99 / 25ltr

£ 8.99 / 1L

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