Hack Up Bespoke Nanotech Washable Child Facemask
  • Safe from droplets
  • Affordable 14p per wear
  • Facemask 3 ply cotton
  • Eco washable and tested

Hack Up Bespoke Nanotech Washable Child Facemask


Reusable Nanotech Face Masks. BUY TWO or more to get FREE next day delivery on all orders placed before 4pm.

Innovative Nanotech threads are used to create the fabric that is tailored to fit in three sizes and three colours. This 3 ply mask is washable, and totally breathable making it a comfortable piece of tailoring that is very wearable.  It is available in different colours and sizes from children, ladies, and men. 

Nanotech is an ultrasonic fabric finishing technology for the mechanical impregnation of zinc oxide nanoparticles — which are known to be strong anti-microbial and anti-viral agents that are woven into the textiles. The impregnated textile is able to maintain its anti-pathogen activity at up to 100 washes at 75° Celsius and 65 washes at 92° Celsius.

Studies have shown that nanoparticles of zinc, silver and graphite are all viral inhibitors. The process  to create Nanotech uses soundwaves in water that break down the zinc into nanoparticles that are formed within bubbles of air. When the bubbles explode, they create tiny jet streams of liquid that force the nanoparticles of zinc into the surface of the fabric, “for long-term durability,”

A Huddersfield based tailoring company seized the opportunity of diverting their stitching and fitting skills to create washable face masks. Putting the skills of the two businesses together has created a quick deliver, handmade solution that uses all of Bespokes core skills to reach the industry quickly and effectively.

Katya is the youngest of the Gingell children and as a Year 6 student is being encouraged back to school slowly. "When I do go out in public places I think everyone should wear a mask as it makes other people feel just that little bit safer, and less likey to catch it".

Therapists encourage children to engage with their wearing of facemasks by personalizing them with stickers and badges. Heat printing on this technical fabric destroys the Nanotech technology.

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Hack Up Bespoke Nanotech Washable Child Facemask


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