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50% extra FREE and FREE pail.

The 50NEW code and grabs your fast track way to biodegradable packaging and up to 50% extra FREE bespoke supplement. We welcome you to our world where we love our horses and dogs as much as our wonderful planet and wildlife and create a bespoke supplement just for your horse. Simply complete the FREE formulation, the page at the top of the page, and we will formulate within the hour and text you notification to buy. Use the code as you check out.

We were astonished to discover that the recycle plastic pots used by the supplement industry are only recycled by a select number of companies. Therefore, most went to LANDFILL or INTO THE SEA! 

Our quest to not add to this disaster is to remove as much plastic as possible. We have insisted our suppliers only send paper sacks too.

All our raw ingredients are all pre-approved to  International standards before we accept them into our dedicated hand making factory which is  Internationally accredited. We are absorbing the costs of extra packaging as a company, so you can be assured that you are not cutting corners to help the planet. You are enhancing your world for your horse or dog with a bespoke, sugar-free supplement while we accept our responsibility as manufacturers to be the most ethical in the industry.

Equines - 50% extra free on all 1kg orders.

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