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THIS IS OPEN TO EVERYONE!!!  50% extra FREE product for EXISTING & NEW customers trying a NEW bespoke for the first time (horses or dogs). So if you have a few bespokes on your account, and some you have not tried yet, this is open to you too.  We suggest a combination of bespokes for the best results, as sometimes your story means we can not pack it into one bespoke. So a combination is created for best results from bespoke.  If this applies to you then have a GO AT A COMBO!!  50% extra FREE makes it a great offer to see if you get more results.

Coupon Code 50NEW

This introductory offer enables us to show you the benefits of bespoke - because we know you will be impressed.  If our first attempt works well, you’ll love it, if you’re unsure, we will refine the formula based on what results you feel and saw with your dog or horse, and what you didn't.

Getting involved with this innovative introductory offer is easy, simply complete a FREE formulation form. You will receive a text when your bespoke formulation has been created, to meet the demands of the information you have shared with us, the more you tell us the better, but be careful not to time out!  This process sometimes requires us to call you to discuss but more often we post back to your account in aprox 30mins. The site will then steer you through the whole process. We have added an Ask Anything button under your Buy Now button, so feel free to ask any question you have, we are very quick to respond. You can also chat to us using your bespoke chat window, you find this on your bespoke page too. Feel free also to chat away using Live Person from 8am – midnight 365 days a year, our highly trained international team ensures that all the UK time zones are covered. Our UK offices are manned from 8am to 5.30pm with a team of helpful horse and dog owners to assist you on the phones. We have invested in automation and an international structure, to ensure that no matter how many animals we formulate for, we will always have time for you.

Our friend share code is our thank you to all our lovely existing customers who introduce their friends.  If you are the NEW customer you will get an automated friend share text when you place your order.  Simply send it to your friend who redeems the £40 worth of points, to share with you, just by popping the unique number into their Friend Share Checker on their bespoke page.

The Benefits of Refine

"I have refined formulations for my horse 7 times in 3 years and just LOVE the results, they get better and better. During this period, I have had my competition horse injured so my bespokes have gone from competing support to rehabilitation support. The knowledge and advice offered by this amazing team has helped me on my journey back to competitions. Knowing that they have also achieved this themselves with their own advanced horse and really impressing their own vets in Newmarket, Rossdales Hospital, gave me confidence that they really did have the skills to support me. I cannot recommend this supplement service highly enough" Fizzy Sparks owner and rider of Izzy.


Offer applies to all orders of 500gms and 1kg.

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