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Antonia Brown - thrilled with Liquid Caalm results

"I was totally surprised to discover that Liquid Caalm really does work! I've used it on a variety of horses at both small and big atmospheres. It definitely increases their focus and concentration despite all the banners, flags and spectators to a degree that I can ride with total confidence. I've never experienced this before and I was extremely keen to find out why this is the case as we've tried everything on the market.

So after a recent dressage training and ringcraft with Alex at Keysoe, I sat down with him for a good hour and started to understand.  I thought it was right to share how much knowledge and experience is packed into this highly tasty liquid. 

Liquid Caalm was developed on the back of all the lessons of the bespoke calmers over the decades. We knew Chamomile was highly effective at settling the digestive tract as well as maintaining a balanced level of serotonin.  Marshmallow is a beautiful flower that supports digestion and respiration. Research on it is limited but trials on 1,000+ horses shows positive caming effects when added with chamomile. Hawthorn is another wonderful proven flower herb that calms and as every horse is different we have added this to give a broader scope to the liquid.  Ginger settles too, it also supports respiration and as we know, when we feel nervous or anxious our stomach churns and our breathing shallows. The brain relies on oxygen to stay calm and as soon as it receives less, under pressure, it becomes less capable to focus. The liquorice calms and also sweetens the liquid making it highly palatable.  There is currrently a new trend of instant calming where selected amino acids are promoted. The ingredients in Liquid Caalm use a balance of amino acids to keep the mind and body in harmony.

Over years the formulation has been refined and of course, Alex & Jayne ride their own horses using their supplements all the time, so feel the response and then use our own experience to develop and improve the product. 

Liquid Caalm has been in development for over two years and during this time we have created balances in the powder bespokes to work hand in hand with the liquid fusions.  Over 90% of riders see and feel the benefit so now it is time to make some noise and spread the word to all the riders so everyone can benefit from what we've all learned."




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