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Betty Gingell graced the cover of H&H 30 times!

The Gingell horsemanship heritage creates a whole new way to supplement your horse or dog. Our formulators may have studied and gained degrees at equine uni's, but that's only one tier of the experience that is wrapped into your handmade product.

Generations of Gingells have been known to achieve exceptional results from their horses and in our life time Betty Gingell hits the spot. She was in the 135-year celebratory H&H by pure chance only pages away from her grandson's business advert. How proud that co-incidence made us feel and it has given us the opportunity to show the public and industry how different bespoke is, on so many levels.

We formulate for the individual horsse and use the cloud to carry all the data to ensure we make your product and despatch it in just 3 minutes from our factory nestled at our family farmhouse. It meets all international standards and surpasses every standard demanded by the relevant authorities.

Betty was so well known to so many of our customers, every week we get phone calls sharing stories of her, her staff and their family members all of who knew her by either working for her or meeting her. Betty traveled the UK as a judge so she touched hearts far and wide. Even the office Tesco delivery man shared his stories with us last week.


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