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Helen Andrews thrilled to have her mare Rosie free from pollen distress at last!!

Her beloved mare Rosie was displaying extreme discomfort, snorting continuously, rubbing her nose vigorously and becoming very dangerous for anyone nearby as she was in virtual panic both indoors and outdoors. Helen was clutching at straws as what her options were as she was aware that when Rosie suffered this in the past the vet had no success with antihistamines.

So having read positive feedback on FB for this type of scenario from Hack Up Bespoke she decided to get in touch. She sent a video of Rosie in distress direct to Alex as he was judging 75 horses at Horseheath horse trials in Cambridgeshire. Immediately he alerted his wife (Jayne) that a customer would be needing to have an emergency bespoke formulation created that would need collecting that day and ASAP.

Helen's enquiry came in online for Rosie and a bespoke recommendation was made and Liquid Air and Liquid Caalm added to her file too. Jayne created the bespoke formula immediately and ensured that she was there when Helen came to pick it up, within an hour of it being made.

Later that day, Rosie began the loading course of the Bespoke formula and had both the Liquid Air and Liquid Caalm syringed orally. Then over the next 24 hours, as she ingested more of this seasonal combination of ingredients, her discomfort lessened hugely and within just 48 hours she was totally settled, 100% free of any discomfort.

We decided to wait for a whole week before sharing this story as we wanted to ensure that her new and comfortable situation was long lasting. We are thrilled to report that it is and that now we're letting many thousands of others read all about this miraculous turn around. Hundreds of enquiries have come in for horses and ponies across the UK that are suffering in the same way as Rosie was and we're so happy to be able to help you take positive action against this horrible condition.

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