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Hack Up Bespoke has been advertising with Horse & Hound every since day 1. Director of Fizz Equine Marketing Ltd, Jayne Gingell,  took over more space than any other agency at the launch of the Horse & Hound in 2014, since then the best exposure and platform to expand has been driven through this publication.

Hack Up Bespoke has created a staggering 64,000 bespoke formulations, for over 30,000 signed up customers. Thousands of customers since 2014 are still orering in 2018. Over 1,000 have become members of the B&B Membership, that locks in Black Friday prices for the whole of their years supply. 

There are countless stories of horses that were not ridden are now happy hacking out.  Children whose ponies scared them and are now settled and calm. Adults horses being too stressed to stay calm and were becoming dangerous.  Horses in rehab needing support. Improved well-ness, comfort and well being are reported every day

Our customers trust us to hear what they share with us.  We listen and learn about every horse and their files go back as long as their owners relationship is with us.  We transfer horses on loan, allocate horses files to new owers and work closely with their whole team of physio, vet, dentist, saddlefiters.

The knowledge of the team at Hack Up Bespoke extends beyond formulationg, handmaking and tech to that of competitiors, trainers, judges.

Your bespoke chat is for communcation with the team of formulators that links from your account, this enables us to ensure that we are all talking about the right horse and owner combination and records it all for furture reference. We also have tech and site support available prior to log in that is open from 8am till midnight 364 days a week - nothing is ever too much effort.

Our bespoke systems are cloud based to offer the most rapid response, traceability with secure dedicated servers that back up all our content. These systems enable us to hand make the bespoke products the day of order and delivered the next. Our systems and service are of international standards and are to be cerfiticated next month - just in time for us to launch our brand new website that will make life so simple, that you will not even go off your account, whatever you need will come to you - a bit like auto pilot. So as we create sophisticated buying methods such as B&B membership the site takes all the hard work out of the logistics.

We will always be on the end of the phone, always remain in close contact with all our customers because the motivation of doing what we do is happy horses, happy dogs and happy humans. 

Thank you for joining us on our interactive journey.

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