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JOINTS JUNE has come round again!!

JOINTS JUNE is the coupon code to use, to get 20% extra FREE in 1kg and 2kg bespokes that are designed for comfort / mobility.

Literally thousands of customers see and feel the difference that Hack Up Bespoke makes to the comfort and mobility that we bring to their horses, ponies AND dogs. With nothing but pure ingredients tailored in suitable ratios for the individual, there's no better option.
It's all about trust in a bespoke name that's delivered year after year for so many customers that now we have a growing number of customers feeding a joint bespoke to support joint health and to keep them clean and trouble free.

So whether you've an old pet that needs comfort in his/her old age or whether you've a group 1 thoroughbred aiming for the Derby, bag a bargain tis June

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