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NEW EU labels stop you seeing what is in your bespoke!

Don't worry, even when legislation stops us showing you exactly what is in your bespoke formulation, we work with the regulators to make sure we can still get this information to you.

You (our customers) play an essential part in helping our formulating team to come up with the most suitable formulas for your horse / dog. It's only when we the full picture of his / her situation that we can devise a formula that works best for you. You also help with our formulations moving forwards by giving us feedback from your formula in the same way that many thousands of customers have already done in the past.

Your label shows you in descending order the active ingredients under the title composition. The additives are then listed to your specific formulation along with the percentages of the analytical composition for ash, fibre, oil, and protein. Every label has its own unique calculation that is locked into your horse's history forever, building your account history.

We know you need to know what exactly what percentages the ingredients are in your bespoke. Therefore on your order history - click VIEW DETAILS and the bespoke formulation is there to show you exactly what we have used to create your supplement. The ingredients are prefixed with the first letter of the ingredient, the batch number is listed for traceability and the last two digits are the % inclusion of this ingredient.

Additives are only shown in bespoke formulas where we add in vitamins and components that promote strong and pliable hoof growth.

Bespoke is not a product until it's purchased because they are all just for your horse or dog, so the information only shows on your order history because once you buy it we happily handmake it make it in minutes and delivery the next day! 


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