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Only Accredited partners supply bespoke.

Only the best ingrediants are used in our bespoke products.  Only we do not spend out time getting the feed stuff accreditations, our approved partners do.  This is so all our focus and time is spent talking to our fellow horsemen and woman and formulating bespoke formulations.  With over 2000 handmade products being sent out every month, the same day they are ordered, our systems development is within our bespoke automation, bespoke technical developments, handmaking bespoke supplements and horsemanship skills.

Our partners work closely with us to create a 'just in time stock management system' this ensures that the freshest of ingrediants are used each time, every time.  So you know that the preservative FREE bespokes are the Freshest they can be.

Rapid turnaround products, LIVE formulations, Fresh Ingrediants and Fresh Ideas keep the leading bespoke company many years ahead of the industry.  We listen to you so we know you are getting just what you want.

Thank you to every customer for every recommendation your loyalty and for spreading the word.

Alex and Jayne Gingell


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