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Our plethora of powders

Our wonderful collection of powders are from beautiful flowers that have been used in human wellbeing for centuries. Chronic issues that are unable to be clinically cured or are commercially not cost effective often lead riders to choose our complementary bespoke solution. 

Our flowers offer natures best and are simply hand-mixed into a supplement that has been carefully balanced using the right herbs and minerals to support your horse.

You know your horse better than anyone and the better we learn about your horse, the better we formulate for him or her too. We engage with the FREE formulation form. First, this begins your file, and our formulations are added to it. Your REFINE option and BESPOKE CHAT that are on your bespoke formulations page give you places to comment back to us on the results after feeding - good or bad all information is positive as we can adjust your supplement according to your horses or dogs responses. 

Bespoke is only possible because of digital automation, traceability and speeds. Every product is competition safe as our factory is a NO GO ZONE for restricted or banned ingredients.

Our Innovation has made the Impossible - Possible and we thank every customer personally with every bit of support that you give us on our Points for Posts system - or tell us you have supported us on your bespoke chat and we thank you with a point for every time you help spread the wonderful world of bespoke. 

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