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6 months on from the introduction of tinplate Pails and Paper pouches....
Our Hack Up Bespoke closed group is providing us with fabulous feedback on every element of what we do, to ensure that better never stops and we all keep learning together. The planet is a huge concern to so many of us, and now we have managed to establish the best practice for using your pail and paper pouch.
Feedback on the Paper Pouches is extremely positive, folk love them!!! Very occasionally the clasp on the pail catches and tears other paper pouches in the box, but we are now putting a little tape over the sharp edges to stop this from happening.
The purpose of the pail is to keep the product inside it fresh and powerful. With the lid placed on top (without the clasp) it will keep any moisture out as well as unwanted bugs / insects too.
For those wanting to, the paper pouch can line the pail and is resealable for an airtight seal, although the 1kg size is used quickly enough for it not to suffer any quality issues if poured directly into the pail, even without caking agents and preservatives added in.
The clasps are not designed to be used on a daily basis 4 times a day and will not last if used like this. As much as we like to help customers out in every way possible we cannot continue to keep replacing clasps / lids / pails in the case of clasps being used in this way. So please help us to help you and the environment the best we can by using the clasps only for those occasions that they are really needed (like for traveling).

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