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Refine your bespoke if you need a 'tweak'..

1. Refining a Joint type bespoke formula to made the horse MORE comfortable.
2. Refining a Joint type formula to include ingredients that further promote circulation to assist in keeping joints well defined with this hard ground.
3. Refining Calm / Digest / Detox type formulas to include ingredients which help mares cope better with their seasons.
4. Refining any formula to include a Hoof component that promotes healthy, strong and pliable horn growth.
5. Refining bespoke formulas when sugar intolerance is first discovered.
6. Refining bespoke formulas when certain symptoms appear, like crestiness, long coat and sweating and drinking obsessively.
So if you think your bespoke could do with a ‘tweak’ then please let us know via your Bespoke page.

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