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1. We need to get all the details of your horse first so we can get a full picture. So please go to www.hackup.co.uk and click LOGIN at the top right hand side of the page. Then quickly register.
2. You’ll then be prompted to tell us about your horse / dog. It takes just a few minutes to do this but please be thorough for us. The more information you give, the more concise we can be with our formulation recommendations.
3. Then we’ll get back to you with a suitable formula (or formulas) for you to consider at your leisure. This formula recommendation process is FREE.
4. There will be some size and price options for you to purchase on your Bespoke Page.
5. If you decide to purchase then your bespoke supplement will then be created from fresh ingredients once we have received the order. You can choose the Biodegradable packaging option (FREE) just before you confirm order.
6. At the checkout ...
- Apply a 50NEW coupon code and you'll get 50% extra free product (in first 1kg) and a FREE tinplate Pail.
- You can split the payments (at no extra cost) over 2 or 3 months.
- Give instructions to the delivery driver as to where to leave the delivery safe if you're going to be out and unable to sign for it.
- Choose a free product from a drop down menu that you want to save your points towards, as you'll automatically be included in our loyalty scheme.
7. You will receive your delivery within 24 hours (in mainland UK)
8. You can give feedback on your bespoke via a window on your Bespoke page that goes direct to the formulators.
9. You can re-purchase as before, or choose a lager size, or opt for the Buy & Book facility. This option is the cheapest way to get fresh bespoke supplements. https://hackup.co.uk/b-and-b-membership
If you need any help on this journey, you can ......
- Use Livechat
- Call the office in work hours 01359 308866
- Text / Call me on 07771 924373
- Message me on fb personally
- Message us through Hack Up Bespoke fb
- email alexgingell@hackup.co.uk

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