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StepFree is now an 'END OF LINE' product.

The Liquid Caalm and StepFree are similar herbal formulas aimed at instant calming through the muscles as opposed to the nervous system. There are no restricted substances in the Liquid Calm formulation. This newer formula contains a powerful blend of calming ingredients including chamomile, passiflora, liquorice and ginger but also has added marshmallow, hawthorn, Vit E and selenium.

Many horses respond better to this than the StepFree. However, there are hundreds of StepFree users that simply want to stay with what they know works. So best you stock up with what we have left of the StepFree and consider that the sell by date is 04.2020, we have approximately 50 x litre bottles and a few hundred 500ml bottles left.

The reason for us making this decision is simple. The main one being that the feedback from customers using the Liquid Caalm has been and is phenominal!! The other key factor is that we here at Hack Up Bespoke need to keep clear of all restricted substances and although StepFree is safe to use within the feeding guidelines on the label, this may not always be the case in the future. We know that 95% of our customers do not need worry about being tested, but we cannot take ANY risk moving forwards.

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