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Winter Bespoke AND a Summer Bespoke.... Common sense shining through

I saw some formula recommendations made by one of our fabulous formulating team where there was both a "winter bespoke" and a "summer bespoke" for the same horse, due to the fact that the horse usually loses condition in the winter and gains it in the summer when grass is plentiful. Certain weight gaining and digestive ingredients can be added to the winter months.

This makes SO MUCH sense, and there'll be a huge number of horses in this situation.

So a 6 month 'summer bespoke' for when the horse is predominantly OUT and getting plenty of fibre and roaming around as nature intended, and a 6 month 'winter bespoke' for when he needs to be stabled more as the conditions outside are unfavourable.

Please let us know via your bespoke page if you'd like us to separate these out for you said Alex Gingell Managing Director.

It's all about reaching the balance for the individual as some simply need a larger volume of their 'Digest' type formula for a few weeks in the transitional stage, this time of the year. That's why we've made October's coupon code 30DIGEST to get you 30% extra free!

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