Instant horse calmer

Instant Liquid Caalm Products

Instant Liquid Caalm is our sugar and soya-free calmer that has been tried and tested by 1000's of customers since 2016. 92% reported a great improvement in their horse's focus and concentration at competitions. Daily handling and loading showed an increase in calmness in almost all horses and supporting rehabilitation horses has been hugely successful also. Every drop of our fusion of flowers is targeting calmness, our unique blend of Chamomile, Hawthorn and Marshmallow flowers are blended with Liquorice that also calms and aids the wonderful palatability of our powerful liquid as natures sweetener. We have added a complete range of amino acids to help keep the balance and Ginger, which is packed full of powerful antioxidants that mop up free radicals. Marshmallow helps with your horse’s digestion and respiration, we can all relate to the tummy churning and shallow breathing associated with pressured environments. Instant Caalm is also free from Magnesium. This unique balance of ingredients maintains healthy serotonin levels required to keep a settled mind and body.


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