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Ringcraft - Improve Test Riding

Hack up bespoke team

Alex Gingell

Hack up bespoke team

Emma Woolley

Hack up bespoke team

Antonia Brown

Hack up bespoke team

Tahley Reeve Smith

The way the day works

You are warmed up, ready to ride the test of your own choice, by the trainer. You prepare elements of your test and work on way of going and riding your own test within the test.

Most riders find that the speed of the day helps them to transfer their new knowledge from their training session into a test environment.

This day is open to competitors but also to riders who love to train, but do not choose to compete, but want to measure their progress. Event riders are also gaining from learning more about the presentation of their first phase. The day also benefits show horses for their individual shows as well as showjumpers to develop their flat work.

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  • Hack up bespoke team

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