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Open Days!

Open days are BACK!

Our first LIVE formulations for dogs was a fabulous success. We created a doggie creche and had walks in the wildlife part whilst getting to see and know your dogs. Physio's were reporting back though their clients that they are seeing the support of bespoke suppliments really complimenting their work too. (Grove Farm IP31 3SG)

Our January open day will be dogs and horses, so bring your dog, please leave your horses at home! Find out how we manage to meet all the standards required to run our now fully accredited International standards bespoke business, which has been likened to a micro brewery!! Our award winning technical team have made most of this possible and continue to develop daily to keep us line in with ever changing requirements.

Our ethos is to build partnerships with owners to become a support with the other professionals that are involved, from behaviourists, to judges, to farriers, vets and physios. We strive to offer to the nation what we do for our own horses and dog. All bespokes are  FREE FROM and FRESH and targeted at the horses' and dogs' exact requirements and altered for maximum impact.

The Hack Up Bespoke open days enable you to see how we make your bespoke and why it is so different to anything else in the UK! 

Olivia Toop - with three dogs and my horse on bespoke I can highly recommend researching a bespoke soution.  Spending a day trialing their new doggie creche and amazing walks I can safely recommend taking a day of work! Lunch was fabulous and the whole team is so freiendly.  I also got to see Junior LIVE and he is just as special as his story seems on facebook. I think he deserves to become quite a celeb - he so happy and talented!

Horse and Hound  - Freddie and Serena “We attended the 8th April Open day and loved every minute.  It really is worth a few hours drive, we have travelled further for a lot less.  The lunch is amazing!”

Richard attended with his filmcrew from our hosting company UKFast “As leading hosting company we are thrilled to have been working with this team for the past year. We had such a great day out and the customers told us just how much they had got out of the day as well as the products. Brilliant systems, great knowledgeable team fabulous relationship with Horse and Hound  – we are highly thrilled to be part of this journey.“

Georgina Hulme “We had a lovely day with Hack Up, meeting their horses was especially interesting. A highly skilled team who are open, honest and transparent. “

Liz Firman “My horse was nose-net free in 10 days and when I met the team at the open day I was able to see for myself just how these supplements are made for each individual horse.”


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