Apply 20FLY code this July to kelp keep the blighters away!
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Apply 20FLY code this July to kelp keep the blighters away!

Did you know that female horse flies actually chase their victims if they didn't get enough blood the first time round??

Apply either 'I HATE FLIES! '  or   '20FLY' as a coupon code in the checkout.

"The horsefly has mouthparts that are like a jigsaw. It cuts out small triangular pieces of our skin and cuts nerves. That is why we feel the bite immediately. Then the horsefly spits in the wound so that the blood doesn’t clot, at least not until it uses a part of its mouth to sponge up our blood."

And there's more ...

"If you’ve ever thought that a horsefly was out for vengeance, you may be right. Pest World explains that female horse flies in particular are very persistent. They’ve been known to chase their victims for a short time if their first bite doesn’t get them the satisfying meal they were hoping for."

Well we can help you this July by including certain ingredients in your bespoke formula that flies really don't like the taste of. Or we can simply put a Fly / Skin Bespoke formula on your file to feed alongside your current formula or on its own.

Simply add 'I HATE FLIES'  or  '20FLY'   coupon code at the checkout to get 20% extra free product (1kg and 2kg sizes) in formulas designed to repel flies.

It's always best to attack them from inside and outside, so remember to top your order up with a Botanica Fly Spray - available on our Additions page.

  • Hack up bespoke team

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