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In September last year after lots of tests my dog Tyler was diagnosed with liver problems, he was so poorly he was given weeks to live. Armed with medication we brought him home for palliative care. However, someone forgot to tell Tyler! Eight months on he is still here. He is happy and looks well in himself but over the last couple of months he slowed down a lot on his walks and was lagging so far behind we were having to wait for him to catch up...Read more

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Instant Liquid Calm is a highly effective one-off liquid that is full of natural herbs, antioxidants and amino acids that have a balancing effect on the serotonin levels of your dog's brain, which is essential for calm behavior.  This is especially powerful when used in conjunction a bespoke calmer for daily use. Our dog supplements have been tried and tested by a vet nurse and dog behaviourist Helen Goodall.  She had used the products on her own horses and then saw incredible results on her dogs where clinical solutions had been exhausted. 

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