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In September last year after lots of tests my dog Tyler was diagnosed with liver problems, he was so poorly he was given weeks to live. Armed with medication we brought him home for palliative care. However, someone forgot to tell Tyler! Eight months on he is still here. He is happy and looks well in himself but over the last couple of months he slowed down a lot on his walks and was lagging so far behind we were having to wait for him to catch up...Read more

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Hack Up Bespoke has been developing dog supplements made for the individual dog for over 5 years. Whilst we supply 1000's of horses a bespoke supplement solution for over 26 years the dog sector we have had to develop. Alex Gingell is from a family farming line that has been steeped in winning Horses and Hounds, he himself an International rider since his teens. 
Nicola Haden-Scott began working with Hack Up Bespoke as it became a huge digital success in 2014.  Her equine degree based the foundation for her learning, accompanied by decades of winning results and feedback from the Gingell Generations.  Her expertise in dogs and dog nutrition was nurtured, trained and developed in 2015.  She has worked closely with vet nurse and leading dog behaviorist Helen Goodall and over the years has created a very safe space to begin the dog nutrition from which is soft on the tummies of all breeds and sizes.  We have called this range the First Step Formulation as it is a safe space to start to get the Bespoke for dogs just for your own dog started. You work closely with Nicola and create a bespoke as you go.  Automatic FREE delivery with easy to spread payments is available on all dog products.
Instant Liquid Calm is proven to be a highly effective calmer for dogs. It is sugar-free and packed full of antioxidants, herbs, amino acids and vitamins, the balance in the body has a positive effect on the serotonin  levels in the mind, ensuring a trainable and attentive dog at all times.

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