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Our experience and knowledge of historic herbs and minerals enable us to offer complementary supplements that are created just for your own animal's lifestyle, health, breed and diet. Our team of formulators respond within the hour, our supplements are hand made within minutes of your order and if your order before 4pm it will be delivered the next working day. Bespoke prices are always lower than shop sold brands and are naturally more effective as they're tailored to the individual.

Handmade, waterproof / droplet proof, reusable cotton tailored facemasks from Yorkshire and Premium hand sanitiser from the UK have been added to our same day despatch stocks to support the many doctors, nurses, and vets are amongst our customers. The C-19 nurse on the hand sanitiser packaging is our own client who is aa winning side saddle rider, she first found the fabulous results of bespoke in  2014. Ivi Gingell, makeup artist, and fashion retailer has tried and tested the Nanotech tailored facemask and is delighted with the fit and comfort of the design.

Our bespoke canine and equine supplements use vegetarian ingredients, that are handcrafted free-from sugars and preservatives and packaged without the use of plastic. Every horse or dog has a FREE personal assessment health check by our new generation nutritionists. Our bespokes target joints, calmness, digestion, hooves, and more. Click the box above to get started. Instant Liquid Calm for horse and dogs has FREE carriage to help you stay safer, pop it in the cart to see the offer.


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