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Our twenty six years of experience and knowledge about the effects of historic herbs and minerals enable us to create fresh supplements with a holistic individual approach, our complimentary ingredients support chronic conditions. Your digital journey begins with your personal assessment, this is reviewed by one of our skilled formulators who you can request a voice call with to begin a series of support and formulation discussions to get the best bespoke, for your horse or dog. We hand-make your order within minutes of receiving it and doorstep deliver the next day. Bespoke prices are always lower than shop sold brands and are naturally more effective as they are filled with only active ingredients. Our innovation creates only competition safe supplements and our knowledge runs so deep that we also offer a free service for competition riders to check their entire diet for restricted ingredients in other brands too.  All customer stories are supplied by genuine customers, as our relationship with you is key to you seeing successful results. Our bespokes target joints, calmness, digestion, hooves, skin, and more. Click the box above to get started. Instant Liquid Calm for horse and dogs gets FREE carriage.

We pride ourselves on being innovators to help you, not imitators of how supplements have been created for decades. Orders over £46.99 can simply split the payment over two months to make your life a little easier.

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