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Fresh, Free-From, Handmade Bespoke Supplements for your Horses and Dogs.

Happily, handmade fresh bespoke formulated supplements the day you order and delivered the next working day! Our formulations are created using preservative-free, natural ingredients in the ratios we feel will work for your horse or dogs personal story. Our bespoke formulations best support mobility, calmness, digestion, hoof, respiratory and well-being. The more we know the better we formulate, if you can, please upload an image when you share your story or via your bespoke page, so we can see who we are formulating for too!

Complete the FREE formulation form, we then text as soon as we have uploaded your bespoke account, usually within an hour. This secure site will the seamlessly steer you though the order process offering split payments as you go. AUTO FREE delivery is NEW for Buy and Book Members (B&B) find out more on your bespoke page, but first let us create a bespoke for your much-loved horse or dog.

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Fiona Skipper and Christus2 says...

“My extremely talented, imported warm blood dressage horse is very wonderful, but he has had a tough start to his life and as a result is an 18hh server worrier. He needs to be calm to be safe to compete and train. After trying 'off the shelf products, for calmness and digestion’ I decided to see if a bespoke could offer any extra benefits. After riding our first Inter 1 using bespoke and feeling the difference in his temperament I am confidently saying YES there is a benefit to bespoke. It makes logical sense really...read more" Fiona Skipper and Christus2 loves Hack Up Bespoke.

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Our team of three formulators is headed up by Alex Gingell, they are formulating and refining for 8 hours a day 7 day a week so be assured of a prompt response. We formulate equine supplements for all types of horses from the pet to performance, joint supplements for dogs are now a firm favorite on many customers files. We are the leading bespoke equine supplement UK company and offer horse health products for almost every situation that is presented to us. We assess your story and talk to you, if we feel that a clinical view needs to be taken we will recommend veterinary assistance, we work with vets all the time and create bespoke for many vet horses.

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