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Hand made, FREE-from, fresh bespoke supplements for your horses or dogs are formulated from the information you provide to us with when you begin your bespoke journey. Our bespoke formulations will be created using natural ingrediants to offer support for mobility, calmness, digestion, respiratory, hoof and well-being. We create an honest, open and transparent working relationship with all owners who then feel compelled to share their bespoke story to spead the word.

Our formulators will respond in minutes, you'll be notified by text, your bespoke page is dedicated to your horses or dogs supplements and also offers you rapid support from formulators where you can upload images to explain your situation too. Our site steers you through the purchasing process offering split payments to spead the cost. We hand make every bespoke the day it is ordered, keeping it fresh free-from and powerful, its delivered to you the next working day. After your first bespoke we work with you again and 'refine' if required, we give you 50% extra FREE on each order until we find what ratios and ingredients really works for you.

Buy and Book membership gives you the cheapest way to buy long term used products that start from just 33p per day,  giving you the benefit of bulk buying but we hand make and deliver FREE 4 times a year just when you need it - without the need to order again - your dates can be changed easily to reflect a timing issue, we thought it all through for you.

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Beverley Harrison says...

“Hack Up Bespoke has changed my life!“ We have created bespokes for her three horses, to support their weakness respiratory, mobility and digestion, now she is back out doing what she wants to – safely. Putting these on to the buy and book membership makes bespoke ludicrously affordable, prices show on your bespoke page after the no obligation bespoke is formulated..read more"

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Our team of three formulators is headed up by Alex Gingell, they are formulating and refining for 8 hours a day 7 day a week so be assured of a prompt response. We formulate equine supplements for all types of horses from the pet to performance, joint supplements for dogs are now a firm favorite on many customers files. We are the leading bespoke equine supplement UK company and offer horse health products for almost every situation that is presented to us. We assess your story and talk to you, if we feel that a clinical view needs to be taken we will recommend veterinary assistance, we work with vets all the time and create bespoke for many vet horses.

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