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GET STARTED and begin your FREE bespoke account that starts with a personal consultation. Our decades of documented results offer you unprecedented support and knowledge of supporting every horse or dogs as an individual. 92% of riders report impressive improvements in behavior, breathing, mobility and immunity when combining our bespoke liquid and powder combinations.  We have created over 1 million competition-safe bespoke supplements.  Our newly developed systems now prompt every rider to feedback on their feelings and observations before every delivery. Our experts then get to work to refine the bespoke for the best results. You can now see your product being handmade LIVE in our new high-tech handmaking factory too! We have 100's of natural ingredients to target joints, respiration, digestion, skin/eye, hormonal, detox, and wellbeing requirements. We said goodbye to low-grade recycled plastic in 2018 and continually strive for a zero carbon footprint.  90% of our customers stay with us, and 80% subscribe. We work closely with your vets, physio's farriers to become part of your overall support team.  All supplements are handmade the day you order and delivered the next when ordered before 3pm. Cardless checkout for extra security is our default payment gateway for your added security. Refer a friend offers our thank you to every customer, without you, this amazing company would never have changed the way we supplement our horses in the UK.


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Individual Holistic Health


Bespoke supplements to target joints, skin, detox, digestion, calming and more... are all freshly handmade and free from preservatives fillers and buffers.

Instant Liquid Caalm


B&B Annual and Monthly with direct debits.

As every bespoke is different we have to upload your own subscription so just hit Set up my subscription for our team to get to work for you.

Award-winning Cutting edge direct debit banking has developed with our site has been integrated without own Award-winning tech team, so it is fast, easy completes automatically via your banking app, you do not need to feel phased, it is super easy.

This cardless payment solution is available for one off orders and monthly direct debit subscriptions and it stops card fraud, which is our primary purpose for partnering with this bank.

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