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Our bespoke supplements are natural, fresh powerful crushed herbs and minerals. Every bespoke is free-from sugars and preservatives.  Every grain targets your horse's or dog's own needs and life story. We hand-make your unique product and despatch the day your order. Simply hit the Bespoke Stipped Bare box to start.

Our dedicated factory is approved to International standards and only creates safe competition products. Alex Gingell began to bespoke 26 years ago supporting only professional yards with bespoke ingredients.  He was instinctily drawing off invaluable lessons learnt from his infamous hunting family, as they fed each horse and hound as an individual. Our award-winning technology makes it possible to talk to him LIVE and create your bespoke, formulated just for you. The digital journey only takes you a few minutes. The more information you share with us the more accurate we can be with your bespoke formulations.

Alex and Jayne Gingell

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