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Bespoke canine and equine supplements are all vegetarian ingredients, handcrafted from fresh powerful crushed herbs and minerals that are free-from sugars and preservatives, every ingredient quantity is bespoke to meet the individual needs of your horse or dog. Our new generation nutritionists analysis of animal's own life and behaviour enables us to support mobility for joints, temperament for added calmness, skin for comfort through to detox, hooves and more. We handcraft your canine or equine supplement in our own Internationally accredited factory selecting from our selection of seventy-four fresh herbs and minerals they are handcrafted the day you order, delivering the next.  Alex Gingell began to bespoke 26 years ago supporting only local, professional yards with bespoke solutions.  Now our secure site is home to 1.4 million bespoke files with the animal's individual responses that build a complete picture of your own animal. Our award-winning technology also enables us to know when you need your fresh replacement so we prompt you to check you do not want us to refine your product before we handcraft it four times a year so you never run out, nor need to remember. Select B&B as you check out to get the price that builds in every coupon code for the year, in an instant.

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