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We have handmade over 1 million bespoke supplements and are proud to be the first place that our customers come for support, advice, and effective supplements. Every customer loves their horses and dogs and the hand-selected ingredients have proven to show improved results.  Superfoods, herbs, and minerals are used together to help with mobility, digestion, skin, detox, calmness, and more. Ingredients respond differently in every animal so our unique refine process enables us to change the recipes for every delivery to get optimum results. This is a FREE service and does not increase the prices you pay. We bespoke your product, your customer service, and your payments.

Alex and Jayne Gingell

Bespoke Calming Equine Supplement


Handmade, natural & free from preservatives


The only bespoke supplement that is hand selected and hand made from pure fresh powders. Naturally Free From preservatives, sugars or fillers.

  • Hack up bespoke team

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