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Hello Paper and Pail! NEW customers, horses or dogs get 50% extra FREE product and a FREE pail. Traditional plastic supplement pots, bearing the recycle logo, still take 100's years to biodegrade and most are sent to landfill or exported and end up in the sea.

Powerful, proven raw ingredients are blended without preservatives, fillers or sugars. With twenty-five years of bespoke formulating and manufacturing experience, coupled with a lifetime of International horsemanship knowledge and heritage, this bespoke innovation has been made possible. We create hand-made bespoke supplements the same day and delivery the next.

This dedicated bespoke digital supplement solution was designed for the most discerning owners,  to have the opportunity to be involved in their animals supplement nutrition and work with our formulators direct.  Now over 25,000 choose to do this, and it is growing every day.

Creating an account gives you direct instant access to our team for FREE. We're happy to talk to you about the issues or difficulties you have that made you reach out to us for help.  You can also add photos and videos for us to store on your file to build a personal history of your horse or dog.

Our products are all FREE from any restricted or forbidden ingredient at International manufacturing levels, making them completely 'competition safe' at every level.

Our products are highly effective and offer affordable solutions to many chronic conditions. As a complementary product, gaining clinical science to prove what we know runs a risk of making us a solely veterinary supplied product - so we just trust what we know and what you will feel and see for yourselves.





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Antonia Brown says...

“The benefits of bespoke I feel every day when riding my horses. Alex targets bespokes to support what I need, with brilliant effects. The new 100% biodegradable packaging now arrives automatically on the budget-busting B&B membership just when I need it. My conscience now feels as good as my horses and my purse!..read more" Antonia Brown International BE and National BD Competitor & Trainer

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Our team of three formulators is headed up by Alex Gingell, they are formulating and refining for 8 hours a day 7 day a week so be assured of a prompt response. We formulate equine supplements for all types of horses from the pet to performance, joint supplements for dogs are now a firm favorite on many customers files. We are the leading bespoke equine supplement UK company and offer horse health products for almost every situation that is presented to us. We assess your story and talk to you, if we feel that a clinical view needs to be taken we will recommend veterinary assistance, we work with vets all the time and create bespoke for many vet horses.

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Self-preserving supplements, biodegradable packaging International accreditation gives Internationally safe competition products. ... more>>

A. Not as much as you’d think – typically just 37p per day!!!... more>>

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