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Welcome to the site where the original innovators' of bespoke supplements began in 2014. We pioneered the concept and created the capability using decades of horsemanship and digital expertise.  Every herb and mineral we select is in a balanced formulation that is in response to your own horse's or dog's story.

This month's hot social story is showing the effects of our unique Instant Liquid Caalm,  combined with our daily bespoke powders. 92% of riders from professionals to amateurs, feeling safer and connected to their horse's levels of concentration, bringing out their best behaviour, under pressure. Our FREE bespoke formulation service creates the powder and harnesses our twenty-six years of knowledge and our holistic individual approach supports chronic conditions for comfort, mobility, respiration, skin, and more. Your engagement on this site is directly linked to our UK formulators, customer services, and handmaking team, being digital is what makes bespoke work in line with the tight regulations surrounding the industry. But we love to talk to use live chat, messenger or the phone, we are almost always open!

Get started by running through our interactive journey. The more we know, the better we formulate.Your formulation will be ready for you within hours and a text will alert you to come back and go to your daily bespoke powders. If you order be assured that we will we hand-make within minutes and doorstep deliver the next day.

Bespoke prices are always lower than mainstream brands and are naturally more effective as they are filled with only active ingredients.Horse and Hound have carried out independant price research and proven this for us just this month! Every bespoke is competition safe. We assess horses' and dogs entire diets to identify restricted substances and possible risk areas as a free service for customers.  All rider and owner stories are supplied by genuine customers, as our relationship with you is key to you seeing successful results. Bespoke use herbs and minerals that target joints, calmness, digestion, hooves, skin, and more.


Alex and Jayne Gingell

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