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NHS £1.00 donation for every Hand Sanitizer sold. See the Liquids Product Page 75% alcohol levels. The manufacturer of this UK made product is a nurse on the COVID-19 ward. Strict COVID - 19 manufacturing procedures are in place.  Every handmade bespoke is now created in complete isolation 7 days a week to fulfill demand. Our creators wear masks, gloves, and overalls. DPD are the NHS carrier and have no issues on daily collections and deliver to you contactless.  The precious NHS needs our support to reduce risks and keep ourselves safe with our horses. Increased comfort and calmness ensure our horses are happier and therefore as owners and riders we are safer in these unprecedented times. FREE delivery and REDUCED prices on our Instant Liquid Caalm for dogs and horses are now extended for as long as is required.

Bespoke canine and equine supplements use vegetarian ingredients that are handcrafted free-from sugars and preservatives and packaged without the use of plastic. Every horse or dog has a FREE personal assessment by our new generation nutritionists, they analysis of your animal's own life and behaviour enables them to use powerful natural herbs and minerals that support mobility for joints, temperament for added calmness, skin for comfort through to detox, hooves and more. You can view your files and update us as regularly as you need to. We manufacture in our own Internationally accredited factory making the product as soon as you order, and delivering the next. Our £250million secure site development with due dedicated 24 hour supported servers are able to manage surges in demand. There is nothing quite like a bespoke supplement and nothing performs as well.


Alex and Jayne Gingell

  • Hack up bespoke team

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