Plastic horrors

Plastic horrors

We thought recycle was enough - but on researching it we were sadly so wrong. Now we are all paper and tinplate pail so we are 100% biodegradable.

Our recycle bins are not taking supplement pots to be melted down and reused. This very sad but true fact prompted us to create 100% biodegradable packaging. Our research shows us that many consumers also believe recycling is not being carried out correctly and not protecting the envitonment enough..  The media coverage has begun to disclose the fact that our bins are being sent overseas simply because the cost of recycling is too high or there is no end sale for the products that are in the system. 

We believe that we have to take responsibility for our own decisions, so have switched to 100% paper or tin plate pail.  Tin biodegrades within 50 years, paper in weeks. Plastic tubs and pouches take hundreds of years.

The advertising standards authorities are now reviewing the timelines on which companies can claim biodegradable as the consumer will push for this. Be assured that as with everything we do for our customers, we are ahead of every trend in the animal industry. This ability is driven by our ethics and values, in line with all legislators, and being a dedicated digital business; we can swing the tides of change at an increased speed, which is something we celebrate.

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