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Fizzy Spark's Lucky is 36yo and still going strong on Hack Up Bespoke.

Lucky is a 36 year old native type horse, my mum has owned him since he was 4.  We noticed him getting extremely stiff in all four fetlocks, and in his hocks. He struggles with the very hard ground in the summer and the very soft ground in the winter. He also struggles when it is damp and cold.  Last year he also got terrible sweet itch and rubbed himself raw either side of his tail.  I decided to see what HackUp would offer for him after seeing such huge improvements with my horse Izzy.  We promptly purchased his AI joint bespoke and his detox bespoke, and WOW what a difference, he turned back into a cheeky, bossy, sprightly little horse!  He even started cantering around in the field again after not cantering for years!  He is still a little stiff every now and again but nothing compared to what he was like!  We saw improvements within a week of him being on his supplements.  Last summer he didn't get sweet itch once, after previously being so sore with it. He had clear skin, a gleaming coat and a spring in his step!  We also purchased the shampoo and body spray suggested by Alex and used this when we bathed him to help prevent him getting itchy, this was super too! I also use it on Izzy when she gets itchy, when her coat changed from winter to summer.  The difference in Lucky is amazing, he is much happier and much more comfortable now.  We will be sure to order his detox bespoke soon to make sure he doesn't get sweet itch again this year.  It is safe to say we were shocked and amazed at just how well the supplements worked for him!  Thank you Hack Up!

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